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Dealer History

  • 1938 - Kelly Dye of Cisne, Illinois started his automobile career as a salesperson for Hoffee Motors in Fairfield, Illinois
  • 1939 - Kelly Dye became the dealer for Nash and Packard Automobiles in Flora, Illinois
  • 1940 - Kelly Dye became the dealer for Buick and GMC Trucks in Flora, Illinois
  • 1941 - New car assembly lines were replaced with production to support World War II 1945 - Kelly Dye becomes the Ford Tractor and Implement dealer in Cisne, Illinois. He also opens the Studebaker Automobile franchise in Flora, Illinois
  • 1951 - Kelly Dye and his family move to Louisville, Illinois to open the Desoto Plymouth Franchise
  • 1956 - Kelly Dye drops Desoto Plymouth to become the Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer in Louisville, Illinois
  • 1959 - Kelly Dye passes away leaving his family the Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership in Louisville, Illinois. Genevieve, his wife, along with Max and Jerry, his two sons, run the dealership until 1964
  • 1964 - Max Dye moved to Salem, Illinois to open the Oldsmobile Pontiac dealership
  • 1966 - Max Dye adds GMC Trucks to the existing line of Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles
  • 1976 - Max Dye builds a new facility on the west side of Salem, Illinois near Interstate 57
  • 1982 - Mike Dye, son of Max, enters the family business
  • 1989 - Max Dye, Inc. suffers a great loss when the facility burns down. It was considered a total loss
  • 1990 - Max and Mike Dye rebuilt the Pontiac Oldsmobile GMC Truck dealership at the same location on US Route 50, West of I-57 in Salem, Illinois
  • 1990 - Max and Mike Dye acquire the Chrysler, Plymouth & Dodge franchises
  • 1997 - Max and Mike Dye acquire the Jeep franchise. This brings the total number of vehicle lines to seven. Oldsmobile, Pontiac, GMC Truck, Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Jeep
  • 1999 - Chrysler Corporation makes the decision to discontinue Plymouth models
  • 2004 - Oldsmobile division is discontinued from the General Motors lineup as an attempt by GM to consolidate lines and reduce expenses.
  • 2010 - Pontiac Division is discontinued from the General Motors lineup. A casualty of the 2008 National financial collapse.
  • Today - Max and Mike Dye continue to operate the GMC Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram Truck Franchises; providing Excellent Service to Customers!